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The New Site is Up!

I’m pleased to announce that the new website is online!

The old site was… well disgusting. Inspired by the new logo, this design adds all sorts of sweet new stuff to the site (besides actual aesthetic appeal).

There’s a dedicated Games page where you can browse the titles (so many more on the way!), and these awesome new game pages, and don’t forget to check out the Million Mazes page and subscribe to get the launch email.

Behind the Design

The design was inspired by the awesome new logo:


I used primarily white and black throughout the site accenting with the red. I copied the underline for the links in the posts, and mimicked that cool shadow effect on the nines throughout the site.


shadows are OP
shadows are OP

I’m hoping to get a trailer out for Million Mazes soon, so stay tuned for that. Anything else you think is missing? Let me know @_99bosses.

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