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Million Mazes Coming to App Store

Million Mazes is coming to the App Store on October 11, 2016! It will be available for both iPhones and iPads.

What’s so great about it?

Million Mazes brings classic pencil-and-paper mazing to your phone.

Rather than providing a fixed number of mazes, the game generates a brand new maze every time you play. All in all, there’s over one centillion different mazes you could get. You’ll never see the same one twice.

Million Mazes Screenshot


  • Easy swipe controls. Just pick a direction and go.
  • Four difficulty levels make it perfect for young mazers and expert mazers alike.
  • Complete mazes to collect coins and unlock new playable characters.
  • Toggle your trail on/off while you play.
  • No annoying ads or expensive in-app purchases. Pay $0.99 once and get the whole game forever.

Million Mazes Screenshot

characters screen

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